Personal Accounting & Consulting

You don't have to own a business to need accounting services.

Personal Accounting Services…

Do you find yourself thinking...
Why can't I get a handle on my bills?
My debt is growing faster then my income!
I hate writing checks and always seem to get them out late anyway.
Where did all my money go?

Personal Accounting Services teaches a healthy view of debt, savings and spending that can last you a lifetime. It can be the tool to get you on track and in control of your personal finances. It can teach spouses how to communicate about finances comfortable & effectively.

Personal Accounting Services are for those who desire to:

You send us info each week by mail, fax or email. We will identify what bills can be paid, how much debt can be reduced and send you reports, each week, with checking account activity, bills we are unable to pay, questions and recommendations.

We partner together, you manage a weekly cash allowance and learn to budget that weekly allowance for gifts, fuel, groceries, entertainment, etc. of your choosing. If you overspend you go without until your next weekly allowance that is on the same day of each week.

We manage the rest of your finances focusing on meeting the goals set by you.

Accounting & Taxes, Inc. will:

Personal Accounting Services Checklist

List of questions and goals that you both (if married) have agreed upon:

  1. Income by person, pay date, net amount
  2. Expenses by who, date & amount.
  3. Identify if paid by auto deduction or by check
  4. Last statement from all bank, credit card & loan accounts
  5. Report of bank activity from last bank statement to current
  6. List of outstanding checks
  7. Provide all boxes of your checks
  8. Estimate an amount for weekly cash allowance (i.e. gifts, fuel, groceries, and entertainment)
  9. Identify a day of the week to receive a cash allowance and the method of cashing a check or using a debit card.

We bill by the hour: Accounting - $45 Prices subject to change

Personal Accounting Consulting Services

Do you find yourself thinking...

Why can't I put money in savings?
Why is my debt increasing?
How do I stop fighting with my spouse about finances?

If you said yes to any of these questions and  Personal Accounting Service is more then you need, Personal Consulting Service is the tool to help you meet your financial goals as well as learn how to communicate with your spouse about money in a healthy way.

We meet for 2 hours, per appointment, to discuss where you are, what changes you want to make and develop a plan to implement those changes. A document will be provided at the end of our meeting outlining what tasks you agree to do to meet your goals.

* Average is 4 appointments/year, 2 hours each

Consulting Services Checklist

List of questions and goals you both (if married) have agreed upon:

  1. Income by person, date, net amount, copy of last 2 pay stubs for each job
  2. List of monthly expenses by who, frequency and amount paid
  3. Last statement from all checking, savings, credit card, and loan accounts

We bill by the hour: Consulting - $100 Prices subject to change


We offer a secure place for your financial data. Our office is monitored by a security alarm, the property is fenced and padlocked, check stock is secured in a locked cabinet not accessible to visitors, we do not have signature authority on client accounts, off-site backups are maintained and we use a post office box for mail.